Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from UK band, The Survival Code. For Right, Or Wrong, For Better, Or Worse was released on March 10th, 2023.

2023 hopes to be a big year for The Survival Code – with 12 singles to be released (one per month) supported by videos, acoustic and live studio versions. The band clearly put a great deal of thought into their product. This isn’t just about the music. They’ve also created over 140 pieces of art to support the release – all inspired by the lyrics and themes of the songs and turned into animations to emphasise their story and to increase enjoyment for the listener.

For Right, Or Wrong, For Better, Or Worse grabs your attention right from the start with a full band sound, blasting out some funky rhythms and add9 chords in a very EMO rock style. The introduction to the song has Coheed & Cambria leanings, and the guitar riff is very much in the style of Dream Theater’s, Honor Thy Father. This is catchy right from the start.

The vocals are powerful and rocky and have touches of Load-era Metallica in them. When the harmonies come in, the song really comes to life and give the song a slightly more punky feel.

We simply must draw attention to the quality drumming in this track. Throughout the song, the drums are interesting, busy and exciting and are played to an exceptional standard.

A repeated guitar motif returns throughout the track and keeps drawing the listener in and connecting different sections together. Ending on a gorgeous long note with harmony voices and guitar, this is a track that will thoroughly appeal to fans across the rock genres.

Ideas from our ears

Some extra punch and thickness could be achieved with a couple of 4-5dB boosts around 60Hz and again around 250Hz. There is a little harshness around 2-2.5kHz, too, so a small cut here could even things out a little. A large (6dB?) boost across the top 2 octaves would increase the brightness and presence overall. A single-band compressor with some make-up gain in this area could also help with added brightness. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

The Survival Code have huge plans for 2023. From the strength of their latest single, we strongly urge you to get on board and add this British rock band to your playlist.

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