New York City four piece rock band, The Upsides, have just released their latest single, Gold Rush.
This a catchy, feel good, surf rock 90s song that just washes over you.
The bass guitar carries the song particularly well at the beginning, moving into a lovely stereo mix of beautiful and timeless gentle flowing guitars. As the song progresses, the rhythm and arpeggiated guitars contrast perfectly with each other and maintain interest throughout this radio friendly length kind of love story song! The tale of a couple in love in New York and having to be apart. “Gold Rush” tells of the story of reuniting.

I like the development of the song; the “oohs” of the background vocals maintain interest into the chorus and ensure that you will most definitely be humming this one later in the day.

There’s some lovely attention to detail with the choice of tones on the guitars. That kind of “surf rock” rhythm guitar sound is emulated perfectly and I have to give real kudos to the solo guitar. Extremely well played, great choice of notes and lovely reverb on the track made it flow confidently and effortlessly from vocals to solo and back to vocals again. It almost had that kind of Chris Isaak “Wicked Game” feel to it.

Photo credits: Colin Rogers

There’s some lovely presence in the kick drum. That click of the drum is coming through perfectly. Personally, I’d boost it around 50-60hz to make the thump of it come through a little more and really hit you in the chest.

From a production perspective, and of course just my own, I feel that a slight cut around 600 will take out just a little of the nasal aspects of the vocal track (not the vocalist), and a shelf across the top three octaves (especially around 4-5000) will just add a little more definition.

The Upsides have created a positive, catchy, upbeat song that is just what the world needs right now. I sincerely hope this track gets the attention it deserves.

We give this song four ears out of five

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