Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Swedish artist, Tommy And The Ghost. The End Of The World came out on March 4, 2023, and is one of our favourite singles this year so far.

The End Of The World is about losing track of our good side and being stuck with our bad one. Tommy says, “Once we’re in that dark fog, it’s easy to give up. We tend to stick with bad habits and even forget that we have a good side to ourselves. This track is about not giving up and continuing the search for our good self even though it might seem impossible. It might even feel like the end of the world, but we soldier on.”

The song starts with some dream guitar with chorus and delay effects and instantly draws the listener in. When the vocals come in, they are utterly captivating. Gorgeously controlled and breathy with some of the most impressive falsetto we’ve heard in a long time. Later in the song, Tommy shows his incredible versatility with some fantastic belted notes, as well as some beautiful layered harmonies and a huge choir-like sound towards the end of the song.

The End Of The World develops perfectly, adding in some low strings and then drums, with sidestick on the snare, which we felt was a perfect light touch. An exciting build is created with a toms section and the song just keeps developing! The chorus made us all slow-nod, with some heavy guitars added in for extra impact and some superb smacking and present drums.

The End Of The World is a dynamic soundscape, with rise and fall throughout, giving the listener plenty to pay attention to at all times. We love how the different sections easily maintained our interest, whilst not drifting too far from the main theme so as to keep the listener comfortable and returning to the super-catchy chorus.

An instrumental section with a guitar solo to die for, with superb fast note choices and harmonies on the guitar line builds back up with warm, clear and thumpy toms and then drops back for a more simple vocal and guitar section, similar to the beginning of the song.

A huge chorus brings the listener to the end with a choir of layered vocals, a distant bell and a positively euphoric and anthemic crescendo.

For a song that is just shy of 6 minutes, we were utterly gripped for every second. The production, writing, scoring and arrangement are exemplary, and the performance is world-class . We cannot praise this track highly enough.

This was our first introduction to Tommy And The Ghost, but we’re off now to hit replay, and then search out some more of his work. We’re only disappointed that we will never again hear this song for the very first time. Thank you Tommy for making our day!