Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to TruckerBomb’s single, Next Last Drink, released in May 2022.

Regular readers will recall we previously reviewed Truckerbomb’s southern rock-tinged single, Break My Heart.

Next Last Drink shows the band are comfortable in their genre. This is another dive-bar-tinged country-rock song which, as we said of the previous track, is the kind of music you might hear if you walked into a bar on the wrong side of town.

The song comes straight in with the full band sound and the second time it repeats, some vocal harmony “oohs” are added in to increase the build into the first verse. We loved the little guitar fill as the rest of the band drops out before the first verse. This is repeated later in the song too, giving a cohesive feel to the track and drawing the listener in.

Vocally on this track, the lead reminded us of Tom Petty: gravelly, earnest and just ‘snarly’ enough to hear the passion come through. Female backing vocals sit nicely in the choruses and provide some great harmonies to fill out the sound.

There are some superb Lynyrd Skynyrd touches in the incidental guitar licks and we loved the highlighted stabs on the lyric “Next Last Drink.”

The brief but interesting guitar solo takes ideas from blues rock stylings and keeps the track interesting to listen to. Everything blends together into a sound which puts you immediately in mind of truck stops, diners and dodgy bars in the U.S. In their own words; ‘Sounds like Lynyrd Skynyrd moved to Hollywood, hung out with Guns N’ Roses and beat up the Eagles in a bar fight.’

Ideas from our ears

We suggest that the vocal track could use a cut around 500Hz to reduce some ‘boxy’ tones and a boost around 6-7kHz for a little extra presence. We noticed that the bass is a little heavy around 150-200Hz. The hi-hats sound a little ‘trashy’ around 6kHz so a cut in this area on the overheads might help. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Next Last Drink is a song from a band who know exactly who they are and who their target audience is. For fans of dive bar country rock with plenty of grunge, this is for you.