Here at the Send Me Your Ears Studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Calgary (Canada) based act, Ultrasonic Zebras. How could we refuse to review a band with such a cool name!? Some Kind Of Sympathy is their latest single and was released on 12th May, 2023. The song speaks out about toxic relationships and the messes that we find ourselves in.

Some Kind Of Sympathy grabs your attention immediately with spacious reverbs, palm-muted picked guitar and some delicate hi-hat work. A bass joins the mix and creates a gorgeous blend with some interesting note choices before dropping back into a running 8s line for the verses.

The verses of Some Kind Of Sympathy feel very early 80s synth pop. We almost caught a hint of Marc Almond in the vocals here. As you move into the chorus, the song takes on a later 80s driven rock sound (think Scorpions or Alice Cooper), and we were impressed at the effortless blend between the two sections.

There is some glorious driven guitar and incidental riffs in the choruses, and the combination of extra stereo in the guitars and drums in the chorus make it really pop and stand out. It’s a catchy chorus that will have you singing along in no time.

Lead vocals provide some exciting falsetto moments in the middle 8, and we love how during this section the guitar follows the vocal melody. The middle 8 builds and builds with excitement before dropping back to another sparse verse, creating a dynamic soundscape that is a positive delight.

The distant reverbs give this track a huge sound, and the thunderous toms in a few spots are a great touch.

The production on this track is superb, as you would expect with a Juno nominated producing team behind it, and it looks as though the Ultrasonic Zebras are on a mission to get their music heard – and right so – this truly is an exciting track. With a stinger ending that leaves you wanting more, Some Kind Of Sympathy is a triumphant march against the mediocrity of current chart music. We recommend sending this track to CKUA and reaching out to college radio further afield across Canada. Highly recommended.