Russian Artist, Under Delusion have released their latest single, Lover, and it’s a fantastic 80s feeling electro-rock-pop anthem!

The song starts confidently and with unique and interesting swirling patterns of synths and a great electric guitar motif before crashing in with the full track sound, drums and all.

This feels like it would sit comfortably in the mid 80s alongside Depeche Mode, OMD, maybe the Pet Shop Boys. Our knowledge of Russian rock is limited, but if Under Delusion are anything to go by, there’s some fantastic new material happening.

The lead vocalist is characterful, unique and interesting. Her voice is sultry and confident. I can hear a slight Eastern European accent which all adds to the intrigue of the song for me.

There’s some really superb use of, and choices when to use, reverb here. I also like the echo on the line “all the time”. It really serves to make the listener think something is happening all the time!

The track has an excellent use of stereo throughout, as well as a well executed use of distance and space. You can almost hear where in the room the producer wanted the listener to imagine each instrument was.

This has a powerful catchy chorus that we were humming along to by the second time around.
The use of the minor key in “Lover” makes it feel dark and mysterious.

This is the title track of their debut album. I’ll repeat that… their DEBUT album! What a way to start a very promising career!

This song has an interesting end – somewhere between a fade out and a stinger, but it works just perfectly.

Production-wise, and of course, this is just our opinion, there are a few dominating frequencies in the low end that could perhaps be revisited. I like the effect at about 1 minute in but I’d suggest bringing it up an octave as it sits currently in the deep sub bass area which is out of the range for most speakers and only serves to take away headroom from the rest of the track.

I personally would add a shelf on the vocal track in the high mids and upwards – it feels as though the vocals are competing with other frequencies and this would help to bring out a little clarity in the voice.

This is a first-class well flowing, electronic, kinda retro dance track and I’m excited to hear more from Under Delusion.

We give this track four ears out of five