We previously reviewed Russian Band, Under Delusion, with their track, Lover, earlier in the year. We were excited to see their latest single, Over The Rainbow, reach the top of our reviews pile here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Under Delusion are a Moscow based band whose music spreads across several genres from synth indie rock to melodic metal, all with a slightly 80s pop tinge to their tracks.

Over The Rainbow hits you immediately with industrial sounding electronic synth sounds. We like the half time feel to the verses that make the listener just want to sway.

There’s some really interesting use of various sound effects and synth sounds throughout this track and we love the change of pace in the choruses, where the song builds with a change of rhythm and the addition of some lovely harmonies.

The chorus, being just one repeated line; “Over The Rainbow”, is catchy and you find yourself joining in. We particularly like the use of pre-delay on the reverb on the vocals, making them clear but huge sounding.

The theme of this song is what hit us the most. The song is written in memory of a dear friend of the band; Maxx Verkhovski. Maxx worked with the band on their debut album and is a huge loss to them as both friend and colleague. The band say that they had a wonderful conversation with Maxx just one day before he passed away. The theme of the conversation being about music, artists and making music, they chose to write a song to dedicate to him.

For a little more brightness overall, a single band compressor on the top two octaves for around 3dB of peak gain reduction with some make up gain would be a great idea. This is a great sounding track with plenty of things going on to maintain the listener’s interest.

Over The Rainbow is a powerful track, made all the more powerful for learning about the inspiration behind it’s writing. A short and sweet track that will appeal to fans of industrial indie rock with a great edge.