Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Switzerland’s, Urban Walrus. All I Really Want is released today 18th February 2023.

Self-proclaimed as “probably the most boring band in the world,” Urban Walrus is based in Zurich and was formed in 2022 by Swiss/German Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fabian Koerber.

Koerber describes the inspiration behind the song; “The lyrics follow a “what if” pattern, questioning our very being, our goals and our values in life. The answer is given instantly by offering a naive hippie-kinda beach-life utopia, as a romantic escape.”

All I Really Want has a relaxing 60s feel to it that you could easily imagine yourself drifting off whilst sitting on the beach late into the evening with your favourite drink.

There are some Britpop elements within the song, especially the drums, and there’s plenty of incidental instrumentation to maintain your interest as you listen through and chill out.

For us, the song really comes to life when the harmonies are added into the mix. Bolstering the lead vocal perfectly, the harmonies fill out the sound and demand attention. The lead vocals are uncomplicated and clear in the mix.

We like the use of stereo guitars and there are organs filling out the sound too. A middle 8 brings an interesting change in chord progression which then leads back into the chorus.

The song ends on harmonies with synth sounds and drums, with a delightful addition of seascape sounds and seagulls. It is the perfect ending to the track and sums up the overall feeling of the track as being one of a relaxed summer’s day.

Ideas from our ears

A hi-pass filter around 40Hz with a small EQ cut around 75Hz would make the low end a little clearer and reduce a slightly boomy tone. A cut around 800-900Hz in the vocal track would control the occasional ‘honky’ sound too. The track is fairly quiet so a light compressor/limiter and maybe 5-6dB of make-up gain would help add extra thickness to the track as well as raising the overall volume to match similar releases. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Urban Walrus has produced a gentle and warm summer anthem. Recommended for fans of 60s-influenced music and Britpop. Download from bandcamp here; https://urbanwalrus.bandcamp.com/