Vanden Dool – You Will Not Love Me Forever

The latest track from Vanden Dool; “You Will Not Love Me Forever” is lyrically melancholic and sentimental. It asks (begs) the listener (his fans) not to forget him during the pandemic – a sentiment which all musicians are feeling right now. It’s heartfelt and needs to be said.

The song has an OMD feel to it. Perhaps a touch of Pet Shop Boys as well. I like the production on the vocals. Very classy. It was the addition of the strings that instantly reminded me of OMD and transported me back to the late 80s when I was listening to OMD way more frequently than I care to mention!

When the backing vocals come in, they retained my interest. Whilst not overly striking, they did add a certain something to keep the song moving along. It’s the sentiment of this song, not the production or the performance that particularly gripped me.

Photo credits : Gabriel Thaine Olson

I wasn’t drawn in to the drum track, or the heavy compression on the overall output. It felt to me that this took some of the emotion and passion behind the subject matter.

I personally believe that this song would sit superbly as a vocals, piano/guitar and bass/cello song. Perhaps it was the production that detracted from what could have been something much more, and with a few tweaks it could become a little more balanced.

All in all, a lyrically clever and thought provoking track from an artist I’d like to hear more from.

I give this song 3 ears out of 5