VICTORIA DODSON – Homesick / Opaline

Victoria Dodson strikes me as one to watch.

Whilst this is clearly a home produced recording from a young artist, so was Billie Eilish’s first album.

Of the two songs, I personally felt that Homesick was by far the stronger song. It was intimate and vulnerable.

Opaline had the same quality of vocals but I felt that the repetitive drum track and production on the song made it a less appealing listen. I listened several times, however, to Homesick and it’s still stuck in my head as I write now. I can see that Billie Eilish is an influence on Victoria; there’s some subtle nods to her in Victoria’s vocal qualities.

The harmonies in Homesick were just divine. Quality long notes and those scooping notes that she bends were world class and reminiscent of Civil Wars when they were at the top of their game.
I really like how the driven guitar comes in and maintains interest halfway through Homesick, and those drums crash in unexpectedly too – a very nice touch. The subtle instrumentation in Homesick really highlights the vulnerability and class of Victoria’s vocals.

All in all, a promising start from a young Canadian girl. The sky is the limit with a young multi-instrumentalist and Victoria is well on her way.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5