Vince Chinaski – She Comes In Colours

Vince Chinaski’s “She Comes In Colours” is a delightful and unique track that grabbed my attention right from the word go.

Its different, its interesting and its well produced.

Beautiful instrumentation that sways from the norm of what you’d expect in a modern song. I loved the way the accordion and banjo interplay with each other in a kind of Klezmer style.

Vocally, I was reminded of Nick Cave with a touch of the Pogues to the whole track. I love how the instruments are well panned to make this a superb stereo track and the subtle harmonies just add enough to back up the already interesting vocals.

Every instrument is clear and well mixed. I particularly liked the banjo playing. A very proficient performance that added to the track without dominating.
The vocals poke through nicely and the closeness of them in the mic really works and makes them feel intimate.

Personally, I feel it’s just missing a little brightness. I’d boost the top three octaves in the overall mix a little, just to give it a bit more clarity.

I can see this being very well received in a European Folk Club. A well mixed, interesting song with unique instrumentation and characterful vocals.

We give this track 4 ears out of 5