Vix 20 are Gary Mills and CJ who, in their own words are “two music industry veterans who grew so disillusioned with the state of every element of the music industry that they walked away vowing not to return”. From the sounds of their latest single, Invisible Girl, we, and likely many many others will be glad that they did.

Invisible Girl hits you right in the “feels” from the word go. Such a cool start – you have to hear it!! With a repeated motif line on vocals, but vocals used as almost a tonally percussive instrument, Invisible Girl is just full of positivity and charm.

When the lead vocals do come in, they are clear, sit well in the mix and reminded us, just a touch, of Madness’ later era, or perhaps patches of Blur. There’s a definite Britpop feel to the track in places, but perhaps that’s largely the clear accent that comes through in the vocals.

Invisible Girl clearly takes a leaf out of many different genre books. With elements of ska and funk in the verses and some more rockier influences in the choruses, it’s clear to see that Gary Mills and CJ have been around the block. Seamlessly blending genres into a unique sound that is all their own.

There are some excellent broken up sections in the track and some really interesting chord sequences. With layered vocals as well, there’s something happening all the time, and lots to listen to and maintain the listener’s interest. We hit repeat the moment the track ended.

With a catchy, sing along feeling chorus, Invisible Girl is a track that is sure to do well across the summer season. The ending drops to almost nothing – with just the percussive sounding vocals and a little guitar as it fades out.

We loved this song and the production was so clear! A thin boost around 130Hz would add some extra depth to the low end. Maybe 1-2 dBs boost across the high mids and highs. This is definitely a track we would recommend other artists using as a reference track. We loved that there was always something going on on one side or the other in the stereo field that perfectly complimented the main parts without drowning them out.

Invisible Girl is a wonderfully retro feeling track that sneaks in elements of ska, funk, rock and pop in a truly unique blend of classy individuality. Great work!