VOCAL LONER – Man On The Moon

Swedish artist Vocal Loner has released a new track, Man On The Moon, which came across our desk here at Send Me Your Ears today.
This is a gentle love song that put me in mind of Lene Marlin in places. Lyrically, it captured my attention. Its not easy to create a love song with a unique theme, but Vocal Loner seems to have managed that in this great new release.

It seems to me that the vocalist has created an idea in their head of the perfect man, fallen in love with the ideal, and then realised that actually, the guy doesn’t exist. What a great idea. It just goes to prove once again that you really can write a song about whatever takes your fancy.

The vocals are sweet, close and vulnerable. In a similar style in places to Adele perhaps. Just places and certainly unique enough not to sound copycat.

The rise and fall of the song maintained my interest and I can imagine this doing well on singer-songwriter radio stations and shows. I like how the instruments come in and out and I like how there’s a lot going on.

I did find that as the song went on, the gentle vocals were just a little lost in places. They’re so intimate that the moment there were instruments competing for the same space in the audio spectrum the vocals just lost a little momentum.

From a production point of view, I’d love the opportunity to remaster this track. Everything is obviously down to personal taste but as I listened, after several runs through I made a few adjustments that I felt brought the song to life;

  • I gave a low mid boost to bring out the bass a little more.
  • I notched out of couple of middle frequencies to balance the timbre of the vocals
  • I gave quite a substantial top end boost to bring out the glisten of cymbals, the pop of snare and the breathiness in vocal.

This is a sweet song by a great lyricist with lots of potential. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with to write about next! Great stuff.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5 for the production and 4 for the songwriting.