We review all kinds of music here at the Send Me Your Ears studio and we always love a good band name. Today we’re listening to Vomit Baby’s debut single, Eleven.

Slough (UK) based band have produced an almost 5 minute long epic punk rock/rock track with one of the most inspirational messages that we’ve seen in lyrics in a while.

Eleven paints a picture of proving the nay sayers wrong. Creatives are often told that they’re not good enough, or are criticised for following their passion. Eleven stands up for the creatives that society endlessly criticises but simply couldn’t do without. We love this theme and from a British band this is all the more important as we find the music scene in the UK is being less and less supported.

Eleven has a superbly powerful and rocking start that builds well with a repeated guitar riff and powerful drums.

When the vocals first come in, they are punky and you can clearly hear the singer’s regional accent (something we always love to hear). There’s a chorus of almost demonstration-like vocals in the background and a definite tongue in cheek approach. We love the little laugh after the line “I don’t care”.

The stops and starts during this song are inspired and serve to maintain interest easily. There’s a fantastic rock guitar solo at one point and lots and lots of different sections break up the song to keep you on your toes.

At one point, there’s a section with just drums and a distant conversation in the background that builds and builds and builds with some lovely guitar moments. The whistle and laughs show us that this is a band that aren’t taking themselves too seriously, despite a very clear quality in their songwriting and musicianship.

Vocally, the diversity in this song is really quite something. With moments of punk at the beginning to some quality high belted notes and then to some super low screamo, almost thrash metal vocal moments, this song has it all!

The ending took us by surprise. Not exactly a stinger ending; it just stops! Interestingly, after an almost five minute song, we were a little disappointed and hit replay straight away.

From a production perspective, a boost around 120Hz and another around 300Hz would add to the punch of the drums and the overall warmth and fullness of the song. There is also a certain harshness to the crash cymbals so a cut in the overheads around 5-6kHz should reduce this sound and make the drums a little more smooth sounding.

Perhaps a little too long for commercial air play, this is definitely a track that the band should pitch to BBC Berkshire and BBC introducing. Consider looking at other local stations including hospital radio for some air play.

An exciting and fun debut single with a truly great message, Vomit Baby’s name alone will surely gain them some notoriety! That aside, this is quality, genre crossing punk/rock and we can’t wait to hear more!