Voodoo Bloo – We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else

New Zealand artists, Voodoo Bloo, have just released their latest single, We’re here, Love is somewhere else, and we’ve all been tapping our feet to this one here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

In the words of Voodoo Bloo, the song speaks “to how much space paranoia and social pressures take up in the mind’s hard drive and a simple reminder that no matter how far in a rut you’re stuck, you’re only a few progressive footsteps away from getting better.” What a great sentiment! We love it. This is a song with a wonderfully positive message and that’s what we all need right now.

Sitting at just 2 and a half minutes, this burst of power is relentless – but in a very good way!! We absolutely loved how the song comes straight in with the full band. It’s instantly really powerful and engaging.

We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else has a great 80s pop/rock feel with vocals bordering on Sisters of Mercy in places. Supremely characterful and exciting to listen to.

There’s some superb guitar and bass work throughout his song with some utterly awesome rise and fall. We particularly liked the filtered EQ/half time section that gives so much energy as it builds back into the full song. This song is a real lesson in maintain the listener’s interest.

The musicianship and vocals on this track are outstanding. Particular kudos has to go to drummer, Jackson Kidd, who blends some superb 16 beat hi-hat work with the occasional half time section and some really inventive fills. There’s a Taylor Hawkins style to his playing that he should be supremely proud of.

An interesting sort-of stinger ending to this track makes it leave as quickly as it began, which for us was the only disappointment of the song. We could have listened all day!

From a production perspective, we’d suggest a little boost around 280Hz for some extra warmth and some more clarity in the bass. Also, a large boost across the top 2-3 octaves, and an even larger boost (even as much as 8dB) of the top octave would add some more brightness, air and life into the track and alleviate a slightly muted feel to the overall sound.

One of our favourites this week, Voodoo Bloo are an impressive outfit who we have no doubt are not only fantastic to watch in a live situation, but also who we believe have a very exciting future ahead of them. Ones to watch!