Vuola – Under Above Orion Venus Loves

VUOLA is the psychedelic prog/rock project of a Jussi Vuola. Vuola is a Finnish drummer, producer and studio manager. We’ve been taking a listen to his latest release, Under Above Orion Venus Loves, today at the Send Me Your Ears Studio.

Under Above Orion Venus Loves is an almost 5 minute heavy rock song, with touches of progressive rock. There are moments within the song, especially in the harmonies, where we were very much reminded of The Scorpions and the way they present vocal harmonies, Winds Of Change came to mind. We were also reminded in places of Vanden Plas – Beyond Daylight.

Special mention goes to the fact that all proceeds of the album will be donated to the victims of the Ukraine war during year 2022 via Unicef. Another reason to go grab yourself a copy straight away.

If you’re a fan of anthemic heavy rock, this is most definitely a track which will tick all the boxes. Jussi Vuola is clearly someone who grew up in that wonderful rock era where Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd’s music was in abundance. Its always good to hear rock music from this part of the world. There’s an almost mediaeval feel to a lot of the choices of notes and the instrumentation. Lots of lyrics about legends and history too. We noticed this particularly in the final section of Under Above Orion Venus Loves which evolved into a more acoustic sound, removing most of the full band sounds.

We have to draw our readers attention to some sublime vibrato in Vuola’s voice. He has the perfect rock voice and those beautifully held long notes dissolve into some spectacular moments of vibrato. Vuola’s voice sounds classically trained in patches – he most definitely has some great technique.

The guitar solo in this track has a great tone to it and sits well in the mix. Kudos to the note choices and the fact that it could have been unnecessarily complicated. It remains simple but charming, giving just enough to show a good level of musicianship in the performer.

From our own production perspective, and of course every producer is different, we feel that there’s a little too much information in the 200-2000Hz range, resulting in a slightly muddy and honky overall mix. We’d suggest a wide dip in this area, particularly focussed around 400-500Hz. A shelf boost of the top 2 octaves will create a little more brightness and air in the track, and there’s a lot of information in the very low end which can’t be picked up by most home speakers so we’d usually suggest filtering this area out to create some more headroom in the rest of the track and eliminate some rumble.

Under Above Orion Venus Loves is a fabulous prog/classic rock track from Finland that ticks all the boxes for us for this style of music. We’re looking forward to hearing what Vuola comes up with next and most sincerely wish him well in his Unicef campaign and his future projects.