Swedish band, We Are To Blame, have just released an 8 minute epic metal track and we’ve been absolutely thrilled and honoured to take a few listens to it here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

All I Want To Say is an absolutely spectacular, powerful, positively euphoric and cinematic piece of music. Starting (and indeed ending) on just a simple, slightly distorted piano (think Coheed and Cambria), and some extremely distant drums. The drums move forward and the song punches in powerfully at around 20 seconds and instantly, you know that you’re in for 8 minutes of quality musicianship.

Male and female vocals take it in turn to lead and occasionally harmonise together throughout the track. Starting on male vocals, these are clear and present with some fantastic techniques – particularly a very powerful belt voice and great use of some metallic tones. The female vocals are a touch gentler, but with some powerful moments – a la Alanis Morisette or Amy Lynn Hartzler (Evanescence). There are patches of Nightwish throughout the track. This is Scandinavian metal at its absolute best.

Everything has its own space within the track and even when the drums are pounding and the heavy guitars are doing their thing, you can still clearly hear the gentle piano notes.

With lots of different sections, there’s simply no time to get bored in this great track. After 8 minutes we were happy to have had the chance to listen to the full song and hit repeat immediately. This is really classy stuff!

There are moments of musical theatre – perhaps a rock opera and the rise and fall throughout the track is exciting and captivating. At around 5 minutes, the song breaks down and the drums return to their distant location before powering back in. The variation in the drums in particular, with different reverbs and sometimes kick led and sometimes snare led, help to keep this song powering along.

Fading out as it started, with the distorted piano, you feel as though you’ve really been a part of something quite special.

From a production perspective, a boost around 80Hz would give some extra thump to the kick drum and fill out the low end nicely. A small wide boost across the high mids and highs centred around 4-4.5kHz would add the the presence and brightness overall.

All I Want To Say really does manage to maintain interest throughout; not easy to do on an 8 minute track. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to it today and hope to hear much more from this talented Swedish act.

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