We love your music and you’ve made some exciting and unique choices of people to collaborate with. How do you decide whom to collaborate with? What’s your process?

Honestly, I just collaborate with my friends and/ or people that I’m a fan of their art. I’ll be listening to an artist and I’m like wowww, this is hard as f. Then I DM them on insta and sometimes they respond! It’s honestly just that simple. No crazy formula or secret or anything like that.

One of your songs is partly in Russian. How did that come about?

That’s chains. We did several versions of the song with artists from all over the world. Felix is from Russia and it just sounds best when he is singing in his own language, so he did that. We have a decent fan base in Russia, so it was rad to see the fans that were excited by that.

What is your favourite song to perform, and why?

Our song “Dirty Pixxx” is definitely one of my favourites to perform live. It’s super upbeat and the lyrical material is just fun to sing about. Usually, my favourite song to perform just largely depends on the audience and their energy. If their energy is good and exciting then I’ll feed off of that.

What’s the best gig experience you’ve had?

Playing in Mexico for like 2,000 people was really amazing. They also knew every song we did word for word. That was probably my favourite. I honestly loved it. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life.

What’s the worst gig experience you’ve had?

I played one show where a security bouncer cussed me out right before I went on stage, it was also a dead night and the combination of those two made me feel really unappreciated and depressed. That was the worst gig experience that I’ve had thus far.

You’ve created some amazing buzz on social media. What’s your process?

Honestly, I’m still figuring things out as I go and still sort of guessing. But I just try to take aesthetic pictures and videos and interact with as many people as I can on social media. If I interact with other profiles then they’re more likely to interact with mine.

What first got each of you into music?

Honestly (speaking for myself) I was just always interested in it and then I’m 5th grade a friend of mine was playing guitar and showed me a few chords.

If you could go open for any artist who would it be?

It would be smashing pumpkins.

What’s the worst career advice you’ve been given?

Usually, when people give me advice that doesn’t resonate with me I just tune them out. I’ve definitely had people that just didn’t understand my music or me as an artist and told me to change who I was/ the music I make. But why would I care about a dumbass opinion like that? Lol.

Do you have any upcoming shows to tell our readers about?

Yes!!! Come to our show at the viper room on February 24th.

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