We’re having a really great day of listens today here at the Send Me Your Ears studio. The latest single, Kiss Me, from Wham Bam! is out today and we love it!

Wham Bam! are a rather unique duo. Nico Tourelle lives on a farm in the quiet Karoo
in South Africa, and Gideon Kretschmer lives the island life in the Channel Islands (UK). For a track that was recorded on other sides of the world it doesn’t seem like it was recorded in different places and gels together nicely.

Kiss Me is a soppy little love song about hanging on to special moments with your loved one. It is a bouncy, well written and cheerful pop/ grunge song that made us all smile!

There’s harmony vocals all the way through Kiss Me and we’re reminded in places of Weezer. There’s certainly something very late 80s/90s feeling about this track. If you’re a fan of grunge and perhaps slightly nostalgic pop then this track is most definitely for you.

Accompanying the track, Kiss Me, is a truly splendid animated YouTube video. Tourelle and Kretschmer are very clearly having a great deal of fun with their music and it shows in both their musical delivery and this quirky and fun video.

Drenched in electric guitars and with a fantastic drum track (we especially love the kick drum that is very present but without being too clicky).

Wham Bam! describe their music as “no frills”. This lo-fi sound is spot on for this style of music and gives it a real sing along kind of feel to it. The chorus is catchy and everything about this song just feels like a burst of positivity. They also describe themselves as creating “unique sonic earworms” and they’re not wrong their either. This track will be in our heads all day. As I write this up, I can still see other members of the team smiling and nodding to themselves. A perfect ear worm!

A few adjustments to the master (in our opinion) could take this track from great to excellent. A boost around 100-150Hz to add a little warmth. A wide cut from 400-2000Hz to remove just a touch of boxiness probably picked up during the recording process. We’d also suggest, most importantly, a large and wide boost centred around 8kHz to give a lot more presence to the track. We’ve made a few adjustments that we think work and we’d dearly love the opportunity to share what we’ve done with the band.

We love Wham Bam’s new single, Kiss Me. A fun and bouncy, light hearted look at that starry eyed feeling that we all have about a special someone and the special moments you share. A great track for lovers of pop, grunge, 90s rock and everything in between.