UK based duo, Wild Celia, have just released their debut single, Waiting For The Love, and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been taking several listens today to this captivating track.

Reminding us of bands such as The Pierces and First Aid Kit, Waiting For The Love has a timeless feel to it, reminiscent in places also of the great Stevie Nicks.

Waiting For The Love fades in with a distant and gentle hammond like strings sound. A gloriously warm strummed guitar enters the mix before the vocals of front woman, Eimile, join the mix. Her vocals are endearing, slightly vulnerable and fragile feeling and gentle. At times the vocals are layered and sit well in the mix. They are able to show fragility without being drowned out.

The chorus of this track is super-catchy. We found ourselves looking forward to it coming around again each time.

That all important second verse is well executed and well considered. The change up to it being a toms heavy section helps to maintain the listeners interest before exploding back into that fantastic chorus again.

There’s a great half time feeling middle 8 section that builds nicely into a quick silence with a well place and charming little gasp of air from Eimile before we get the chance to hear that superb chorus again!

Ending on a beautiful portamento note and single note on strings, this truly is a stunning debut. Effortlessly blending aspects of folk, rock and indie music, this is a track that will have its listeners hitting replay immediately. We’d urge the duo to contact BBC introducing, as well as many of the smaller local folk radio, hospital radio and internet radio stations across the UK.

From a production perspective, we felt that the kick drum is a little dominant around 65Hz so a small surgical cut here would balance it out a little. There are also some muddy tones centred around 160Hz so a small but wider cut here would clear the low mids up a little. Some extra brightness could be achieved with a small but wide boost in the high mids and highs centred around 10kHz.

A very strong debut that is sure to win Wild Celia many fans. A duo we will most certainly be looking out for in the future.