Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Brighton UK band, Wild Horse. We were thrilled to see this dedicated and talented band hit the top of our reviews pile again today, having already reviewed their funk/ disco-infused tracks, Cougar and Joyride.

Their latest single, Angles, was released yesterday (March 24th 2023), and is a slightly different direction to previous tracks, displaying further their outstanding musical and songwriting abilities.

Angles is a Britpop/ indie pop-rock track that will grab your attention immediately and grip you right until its stinger ending, and if you’re not hitting repeat at that point, you must have forgotten to turn the track up loudly enough!

Angles is a song that ruminates on the eternal problem of daring to make the first move in revealing one’s feelings. It’s a tour de force from a fast-rising band full of confidence and flair. Yet, when it comes to love… everyone’s confused about the angles.

Starting with some gorgeous warm, clean guitar riffs, the song leads quickly into a superb section with layered harmony vocals. At this point, you’re really not sure where the song is leading to. A full stop changes the direction completely, and you’re treated to a high-quality Britpop track with superbly clear and present vocals, with every track given its own space in the mix. The drums are popping through nicely, and with some complete stops with nothing but vocals leading into each verse, this song holds your attention easily, teasing you with different sections throughout.

The lead vocal is perfect for Britpop, and the layered vocals work amazingly well, with some outstanding falsetto moments. There is a particular high, held note in the vocals that wowed us – just before a beautiful and subtle section with added strings.

A simple but effective guitar solo breaks up another section, and the definition between sections in this track is masterful, always giving the listener something new to pay attention to.

We liked how the instrumentation drops out at the end of the track, leaving nothing but harmony vocals and just a touch of guitar.

Angles (or at least, a radio edit version!) is possibly the most commercial of Wild Horse’s tracks we’ve heard to date. Not that we didn’t adore the previous two, but there’s something very modern-sounding about this track that makes us believe this could be the one to grab the most commercial radio attention. BBC Radio Sussex are super-friendly – we’d urge Wild Horse to give them a shout, at the very least. Beyond that, internet stations, local radio and BBC Introducing are definite places to pitch this track to.

Ideas from our ears

A hi-pass at 35Hz and a boost around 55Hz would increase the thump in the kick drum and a boost in the top octave for a little extra brightness. There may be a slight resonance at 350Hz, too, so a careful surgical cut here would balance things out nicely. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

We have absolutely no doubt that this will bring the band a whole new batch of fans, and deservedly so. Wild Horse have impressed us once again with their versatility and musicianship. Great stuff!