Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Wild Horse. Do You Wanna Talk is released today, July 28, 2023.

We’ve previously reviewed Wild Horse several times and have been thrilled with their releases to date. We described their single, Cougar, as a “flawless demonstration of 70s disco funk has left us all feeling invigorated”, so you can understand how excited we were today to see their name at the top of our reviews pile again.

Do You Wanna Talk is a summer anthem about an on-off relationship and all that comes with it. This highly commercial track just goes to show how versatile Wild Horse are. With a much more indie rock/soul feel to it, this is a nod-your-head-along song.

The song starts with guitar strums and some gentle strings and vocals before the full band comes in. The vocals in this track are airy and have a front-of-face feel to the pronunciation – the voice just buzzes and demands attention, and we loved it! Vocally, we have to just say it… this is what Liam Gallagher could sound like if he cleaned up his act and dropped the arrogance! The control in the falsetto is astounding.

The drums and bass work superbly together to create some real punctuation in the song, and there are fantastic uses of stops. The all-important second verse adds in some guitar incidentals to keep the listener excited and engaged, and we really all found ourselves smiling and nodding throughout.

A brief instrumental section uses vocal “oohs” interspersed with guitar riffs and builds into an extremely cleverly done key change that took us by surprise and was an utter delight to listen to. Wild Horse are clearly paying a great deal of attention to making sure every moment of each track is written and scored for maximum results.

The stinger ending on just vocals, with the line, “I don’t wanna talk,” says it all, and leaves you more than ready to hit repeat.

Ideas from our ears

A boost around 60Hz and another around 170Hz would add a touch of extra thickness in the low end. A boost centered around 12kHz would increase the brightness and presence too. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

As always, Wild Horse have impressed us again with their latest release, Do You Wanna Talk. Consistently superb musicianship, writing, arrangement, and production. Most definitely ones to watch.