Will Soma – Days are Long

Days Are Long is the latest single from Sydney, Australia based artist, Will Soma. We’ve been having a very detailed listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today in order to bring our take on this talented 90s rock/ grunge artist to you.

Days Are Long is a reflection on failed relationships. The thoughts of what could have been and the memories and reflections that we all go through at the end of a relationship. It sounds from the lyrics that Soma is at a place of healing and the song is intended to help others reach the same place.

Soma didn’t take up writing music until lockdown in 2021. As a new artist, Soma has managed to create an EP (forthcoming) and, as all great songwriters, his music is truly from the heart. From his own experiences.

Considering Will Soma has only been writing songs since 2021, this is a very promising start. Days Are Long has something of an Oasis feel about it. Perhaps that’s the strummed guitar, perhaps its just the general feel of it.

Soma’s vocals are clear and present in the mix. A little breathy and reminiscent of Bryan Adams or Sting or perhaps Colin Hay (Men At Work).

We like the line; “this must be where the lonely people are from, Its not a place where I wanna be from”. It speaks volumes without using many words and that’s always something vitally important as a songwriter.

The guitar solo in Days Are Long has a great feel to it. An almost Santana-like tone in places, with some good note choices and careful execution. There’s a great break down after the solo that builds back into a double chorus and a single vocal note to end.

There’s a lovely characteristic in the high mids in Soma’s voice. We’d suggest a little boost of the top end of the master will help to emphasise this even more.

As a new songwriter, Soma has done well. We’d like to have seen a little more development in the song to help maintain the listeners interest and to help give them an idea of where they are in the song. For example, some changes in that all important second verse; perhaps the addition of a tambourine, perhaps some arpeggiated guitar – something to differentiate it from the first. The double chorus to end is an oft-used technique but again, something new happening in the second chorus to help it build to the end is vital to keep the listener engaged. We hope as a new songwriter, Soma will take this advice on board as he’s really got something great going on and we’re keen to see him progress.

Days Are Long is a catchy indie rock style track with some real depth in the lyrics. We’re very excited to follow Will Soma’s career and look forward to hearing what he pulls out of the bag next!