Wind Walkers – Dead Talk

Boston based Wind Walkers have a new single out; Dead Talk, and we’ve been taking a listen here in the studio at Send Me Your Ears.

This is an energetic, modern rock metal, perhaps post hardcore rock song. Lyrically themed about the passing of a grandparent, Dead Talk is a powerful blast of angst and working through grief. The lyric “Hate myself for forgetting your voice and things you would say” was particularly heart wrenching.

The vocalist (who we understand is a new addition to the band) is the perfect fit for Wind Walkers. His metallic tones and effortless belting vocals are just the right fit for this style of music. There’s a brief falsetto moment in the vocal track too which serves to highlight the diversity of vocalist, Trevor Borg. The vocal track, in particular, has been very well recorded. The listener can hear the breaths of the the vocals, as well as the various creaks and nuances that you get when you record well with a close mic and a vocalist that can hear himself well in the mix at the time of recording.

When the occasional additional vocalist come in, they are well placed and occasionally take on that kind of powerful death metal style that adds to the power and passion of the song.
The guitars chug along nicely and the slammed drums, with heavily compressed kick and snare have a really authentic metal sound. The clickiness of the bass drum pedal is a truly authentic metal sound.

The rise and fall throughout Dead Talk works well and serves to maintain interest extremely effectively and at 3m15s this is a perfect song for consideration for air play. It would work well on modern rock stations.
The one thing that really hit home for us with this song was how absolutely captivating the band are on video. The video accompanying this track is a well produced “live” feel recording. We were so enthralled by imagining how good these guys are in concert that we had to listen through several more times without watching the video just so that we could focus on the music alone!
Clearly on quite a mission, Wind Walkers have racked up an impressive Spotify following and seem to have a very engaging Facebook page. We’d like to see them achieve some more success on Twitter to match with their other socials so to our readers – please follow @wind__walkers

Dead Talk is a superbly produced heavy metal modern rock song which has all the elements needed to really succeed. We’re excited to hear what happens next for this ambitious 5 piece Massachusetts band.