Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Wise John. For his latest single, Atlanta, he’s teamed up with Elise Trouw who completes the song with some beautiful vocals.

We previously reviewed Wise John’s single, Marry Another Man, and compared that track to the likes of ELO, Queen and Elton John, so we were inspired to hear the diversity in Wise John’s songwriting when we listened to Atlanta.

Atlanta is a classic 70’s style duet with a modern spin. It’s also a real-life love story about Wise John’s parents—his mom moved to Atlanta, thinking his dad would never remarry, then 2 years later, he tracked her down and proposed.

Starting with some dreamy picked guitars and gentle pedal steel, Atlanta quickly progresses into the first verse, with Elise taking the lead. The moment her voice comes in, you can’t help but draw comparisons to Carole King. There’s a warmth and a smile in her voice that is charming and endearing. Elise’s vocal is smooth and demands your attention with its effortlessness.

The song progresses by adding in some bass and layered vocals and just before the second verse, the drums join the mix.

The second verse is carried by Wise John. In this, his voice takes on a definite Modern Country feel. When the two voices sing together, the song really soars.

Atlanta has some gorgeously unexpected chord progressions that help to maintain the listeners’ interest, and keep the song exciting to listen to throughout. The song ends with some gentle acoustic guitar and pedal steel with a slightly Supertramp feel or perhaps the Beatles – Dear Prudence.

Ideas from our ears

We noticed that the acoustic guitar is resonating slightly on the G so a careful surgical EQ cut at 196Hz would reduce that peak. There are some ‘boxy’ and ‘honky/nasal’ tones around 400Hz and 900Hz respectively so some cuts in these areas would help balance out the mids. A wide boost centred around 9kHx would increase the brightness and presence overall as well as bringing out the breathy qualities in the vocal tracks. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Wise John has displayed remarkable versatility in the tracks we’ve heard from him. This latest single, with Elise Trouw, is a delightfully upbeat 70s love song duet.