Welsh band, Worldcub, are set to release their latest single, Look Through The Keyhole, today (21 October, 2022) and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have had the chance for a pre-listen.

Look Through The Keyhole is a hypnotic dive into psychedelia. The song begins by build on some bass and drum stabs.

Look Through The Keyhole, in the words of the band, “is about a magic door to a time warp where you can step into a past life. It’s all about revisits, we do it all the time, we revisit our passions, memories, old haunts, old Elvis collection, last night’s Pizza, it’s never the same experience”. The song itself is a re-visit; the first version of the track was written 10 years ago.

The vocals, when they arrive, feel distant, with a bright reverb on them with some slap back delay with multiple repeats. This is an interesting effect as it makes the voice feel more like an additional instrument than a focal point. In using this effect, the track takes on very much of a Doors feel, making the lyrics less of a focus and more of an aid to filling the soundscape of the track. In places the vocals are layered, with harmonies coming and going.

There’s lots of unique sound effects throughout the track, with instrumentation coming and going, creating a slightly ominous feel, and the combination of the kick, keys and shaker create a sense of urgency, like a horse galloping along the ridge of a distant hill but never getting any closer.

This is a truly unique and creative track that we feel the artist would be well advised to search out a sync deal for. This track, and the 70s, Doors-like feel to it, give it a retro feel that would sit perfectly in the background of a montage of events happening in a film or TV show.

From a production perspective, we felt that the bass is a little heavy in places. A cut around 60Hz and again around 110Hz would help to balance the low end out a little. A hi-pass filter around 40Hz would help to clear up the low end too. The track sounds a little hollow in the mids so a wide boost centred around 1kHz would help to bring a bit more fullness to the overall track. Careful not to boost around 2.5kHz too much as this would add some harshness. A high shelf boost set around 7-7.5kHz would add to the brightness and ‘realness’ too.

A hypnotic and retro track that will appeal to fans of The Doors or perhaps Hendrix, Look Through The Keyhole is released today.