YEAR OF THE FIST – Killer On The Road (Live)

Year of the Fist have released their fourth live single, Killer on the road, recorded at the Ivy Rooms, California.

I have to give kudos to any band putting out live albums during the pandemic. Most artists have been twiddling their thumbs, writing and recording studio albums and getting out of practice being on stage so anyone who has the confidence to release live work gets a thumbs up from me.

The drummer is killer. They sure can play. Great fills, great attention to detail and they keep the song punching along all the way through. This is a drummer who is having the time of their life. The bass sounds like it is being picked perhaps – again, suitable for this kind of punky garage rock style music. The guitar is heavy and distorted and played well. All of these combine to give a solid backbone.

Photo credits; Niki Pretti

For me, the vocals let this track down. Don’t get me wrong – this girl clearly has balls, confidence and oozes swagger,

but with the fact this is a straight off the floor (one or two mics?) recording, the drums are so dominant that she sounds like she’s struggling to hear herself and that is affecting the timbre of her voice. I can, however, sense that she has a ton of stage presence and isn’t letting that bother her. I can also tell that she’s probably normally an excellent singer under different circumstances.
Reading the press release of this band, I like them. They’re hustling. They’re doing all they can to help other up-and-comers and there’s several charity shows thrown in too.

All in all, a band I’d like to hear do some studio work to balance out volumes of each instrument more effectively, and to give that passionate vocalist a real chance to shine.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5. I’d expect to give a far higher score to a more produced recording and hope to get the chance to hear more from Year of the Fist in the future.