Yellowlees – Medicine

Yellowlees is a singer-songwriter from the south coast of England We’ve been taking a listen to his latest single, Medicine, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Medicine is a beautiful, relaxed Americana folk style song. It’s actually the first song Yellowlees every wrote, but has been re-worked into a more full band sound than previous versions. Yellowlees describes the track as one that always performs well live and one which he just can’t let go, so felt it needed his attention. It’s a song about letting those that you care about know that you’re on their team.

Beautiful rhythmic and well recorded acoustic guitar starts the song and instantly you can hear the quality of production in the track. Various instrumentation comes and goes but, as with all good Americana/song-writer music – the focus is the voice. And Yellowlees does not disappoint us here. A really characterful voice with a modern twist and some great control.

The verses are sparse with, essentially just rhythm acoustic guitar and vocals. That all important second verse develops well by adding harmonies in places and very gentle and subtle incidental guitar to fill the silences between the vocal lines.

The vocals are up close, intimate and personal. There’s just a touch of vulnerability in the voice which endears him to the listener. Yellowlees makes great use of just very occasional falsetto which he performs well and with confidence.

The layered vocals sit superbly in the mix and the harmonies are to die for. There’s a real summer anthem positive feel to Medicine and Yellowlees has absolutely drawn us all in here at Send Me Your Ears.

Medicine develops well and gives subtle rise and fall. A great middle 8 helps to keep the listener on their toes with some flawless vocal harmonies. We love how the song occasionally drops back to almost nothing (vocals and very minimal guitar) before building back into the chorus.

There’s something about the vocal here that reminded us of Jack Johnson. A great sunshiney positive feeling song that just flows out of the vocalist. He is clearly a very natural singer with some great vocal tools in his arsenal.

It’s not often that we are bowled over by the production on a song but this one has it. Medicine has much potential for air play on folk stations and BBC introducing, or BBC in the South. It also has a good positive singer-songwriter feel that music supervisors are crying out for at the moment, so it may be in Yellowlees interest to pitch this track for consideration for inclusion in a TV show. At 4m41s it may be just a little too long for commercial radio, but nonetheless, it is well produced and maintains interest well so we feel that Yellowlees best route for gaining fans will be to pitch to local stations and internet folk radio.

Medicine is a stunning example of modern Americana/Indie Folk. With a great message, a positive feel, well played instrumentation and characterful vocals, this song is sure to please and delight new fans everywhere.

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