Newfoundland, Canada, artist, Youngtree & The Blooms release their single, Heaven Ain’t A Lonely Road, today. Out now on all platforms, we’ve been taking several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Heaven Ain’t A Lonely Road is a classic 90s feeling alt-country track. With a comfortable chord sequence and accessible instrumentation, the song feels like something you would want on your “driving right across the country” playlist!

Heaven Ain’t A Lonely Road starts with guitar and builds quickly into a great full band sound. In places just a little like Bob Seger, perhaps. In other places, we could almost hear some Meatloaf influences.

All the right country style instrumentation is used here to make this track a real winner for a country fan. With some lovely incidental fiddle playing and perfect country style electric guitar, this song is sure to win Youngtree & The Blooms many new fans and delight their existing ones.

Heaven Ain’t A Lonely Road has a positive and inspiring bounce to it. With some lovely rise and fall, it is a song that easily maintains the listener’s interest. With some gorgeous backing vocals coming in in the choruses, you feel easily as though this is a song that you’d like to join in with.

We love the tone and choice of notes for the electric guitar solo that leads into a break down before building up to the chorus again, together with some great use of tambourine to define sections.

The drumming in this track is really creative. Far beyond a simple country drumming pattern, with some lovely and unique fills and great changes that fit perfectly into the track.

From a production perspective, we’d have liked to have heard a little more stereo in the track. Perhaps we’d suggest adding a little more panning and effects. The drums feel a little distant, almost as though they had no close mics on them, and they’re played so fantastically that this feels like a missed opportunity. Perhaps consider a wide boost centred around 70Hz for some extra low end and a wide cut centred around 400-450Hz to remove just a touch of boxiness. A boost of the top two octaves could bring out the cymbals a touch more too, and add some extra brightness.

Youngtree & The Blooms track, Heaven Ain’t A Lonely Road, is a positive, upbeat 90s feeling country/rock track that warms the heart and puts you in the right frame of mind to tackle the day. Great stuff!