yours – in the morning

Musician, Jourdan Harper, goes by the name of “Yours” when creating his own music. A medical doctor and a self produced musician. In The Morning is his latest single, and we’ve been taking several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Drenched in 1980s feeling synths and stylings, In The Morning has an almost Joy Division feel to it. The electronic drums reminded us in places of Kraftwerk.

Unusually for a song of this style, the vocals come in fairly quickly, as you’re just starting to get the feel for the synths and electronic instrumentation.

Harper has a great range in his vocals with a wonderful falsetto coming through nicely in the choruses. The chorus is catchy and repetitive enough that the listener will find themselves joining in fairly quickly.

In The Morning has some great rise and fall in it. The moments without drums feel almost like chillout music that you might put on during a yoga session!

Every track can be heard clearly in the mix and the vocals are front and centre and nicely audible. The vocals in places become layered and add an extra dimension and help fill out the overall sound.

We like the insistent drum beat that carries the track. There are moments where the pattern is mixed up a little, with the occasional 16 beat sections.

From a production perspective, we’d suggest a notch out around 100Hz where the track is just a touch dominant in the bass. Perhaps also consider a wide boost centred around 1100Hz and a little cut around 4kHz. The track feels just a touch hollow and these adjustments might help fill out the high mids a little more. Maybe also consider a boost of the top octave for a touch more brightness and air.

In The Morning has a great 80s feel to it which will brighten up anyone’s day. With stylish synths, pounding drums and a commanding vocal performance we’re excited to hear where “Yours” will be taking his music next.