Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Giovany Revelle. Believe In is the fourth single from his upcoming eleven-track debut album (September 28th, 2023).

Inspired by a trip to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the track and the video follows Revelle and his partner as they explore Mexico and the country’s historic landmarks on a stunning week-long trip. Revelle pens: “We’ll drive for miles just to grab a piece of history, we’ll walk the ancient ruins to get a sense of you and me.”

Starting with an almost Wonderful World feel, the song launches into a strings section with an alto sax solo before the vocals come in.

Believe In has a very relaxed summer holiday feel to it. The general vibe of the track reminded us of Jack Johnson. Giovany seems to have reinvented himself with each new single from this album, displaying his wide-ranging influences from Big Band through Jazz and Soul and Latin. The defining theme throughout every track we’ve heard from Revelle is the happiness in his vocals. He is clearly loving what he does and, like Louis Armstrong, you can hear him grinning through the mic. His positivity is infectious.

With an ambitious selection of musicians involved in this project, Believe In fills your ears with a full horns and strings section, together with numerous backing vocals. We love the Hammond that sits under a repeated vocal line that leads into the final instrumental section with horns and strings.

To us, this track feels like the perfect song to be pitched for the end of a feel-good movie. You can just imagine the credits rolling while you’re enjoying those last few moments at the cinema before returning to your life. Giovany truly gives the listener something positive to believe in. At 6 minutes long, this may not be a pick for radio airplay, but it is most definitely a great track for sync licensing.

Ideas from our ears

A fairly wide boost around 60Hz would being out the low end a touch more and a similar boost centred around 10kHz would add a touch more presence and brightness to the overall track. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Giovany Revelle never ceases to impress us with his positive-vibes-laced huge production tracks. If you’re looking for a diverse artist with smooth and smiling vocals, look no further.