British artist, Nick Cody, is in our ears again today with his latest single, Maybe. We previously reviewed “She’s Tough Enough” by Cody and vocalist, Towse. Maybe, is their latest collaboration and is a more gentle and almost anthemic feeling track.

She’s Tough Enough was more of a simple swing country rhythm track, whereas with Maybe, you find a new side to Cody’s writing. Maybe feels like a song that would be part of a film score and we would strongly urge Cody to seek out a possible sync deal for this track.

Maybe starts with dreamy, slightly driven guitar in the introduction. When the vocals come in, Cody is front and centre with that warm and mellow tone in his voice, whilst Towse is far in the background, bolstering Cody’s vocals and making them sound even warmer.

Maybe develops quickly, and a bass guitar joins the mix by the second verse. At this point, Towse’s vocals come forward and soar an octave above Cody’s.

Some Bruce Hornsby feeling piano riffs fill the sound between the vocals and after this, Towse sings a verse on her own, giving both vocalists the chance to shine as lead singers. For the remainder of the song, the two harmonise, showing how well their voices meld together.

We particularly love the use of bowed double bass in this track. It’s used with extreme subtlety and sits above the bass guitar nicely. it adds just a little top end which works well.

The song closes with a simple but effective guitar solo, with gentle incidental piano notes underneath it.

From a production perspective, and to our ears, the bass feels a little heavy around 65Hz and the lead vocal could use a dip around 220Hz. There are also a couple of other places where the male lead vocal could use a slight EQ cut to reduce the occasional ‘boxy’ tone. These would be around 450Hz and again around 600Hz. Also, to our ears, the whole track could use a wide boost across the high mids and highs centred around 8kHz with maybe even an additional high shelf boost in the top octave. The track has a beautifully warm feel throughout.

Towse (Grace Fellows) and Nick Cody make a special sound together. Two artists from different backgrounds who have found each other through the joy of music and songwriting. This is another great track from their forthcoming album, All is fine ‘til the world goes pop.