Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Guildford (UK) based band, Cascade. The single, Another Day, is released today, and if you’re looking for indie rock/ Britpop then look no further.

Another Day start very quietly and gently with some electric guitar swirls, a little bass and some drums that start to rise and give a sense of excitement. At this point, the track is very quiet.

At around 30 seconds in, the song really explodes with a great change of pace, and the full volume of the track comes in. This feels like a song that the Foo Fighters could have written.

Vocally sounding just a touch like an Oasis song, the lead voice oozes Britpop stylings. Perhaps just a little lost in the mix as the song progresses, it is nonetheless the perfect voice for this style of music.

Something we particularly noticed about this track is the great separation between sections. There’s some lovely rise and fall and the band’s ability to build tension and then explode is displayed regularly throughout the track. The stabs section leads into a lovely instrumental section with two separate sounding guitar solos with different tones. The choice of notes in both solos suits the tone of each and the musicianship of all four members of this talented young band is evident. We particularly like how the long note at the end of the guitar solo is held over into the drop after the instrumental section. The break down section after the solo is very much kick drum led and it builds superbly into a flourishing finish that then drops off to a nice gentle end with some acoustic guitar strums.

A well produced track with a good mix and master. To our ears, it could use a small EQ boost in the top octave or two just for clarity and brightness.

Another Day maintained our interest for the full five and a half minutes, but, as music directors can be super picky about length of songs, this may not receive as much airplay as the typical three and a half minute track. It certainly deserves it though.

A song about breaking out of the rat race of day to day life, Another Day is a powerful Britpop track from an upcoming young band that we’re looking forward to watching progress.