Chasing August – After Dark

This is a song that gripped us right from start to finish.

With an imaginative, confident drum fill to start this commercial sounding track surpassed all our expectations. It has a Sum 41 feel to it. We’re always loathe to pick a genre but this leans in the direction of pop punk/alt rock which checked all the right buttons for us.

The musicianship is outstanding on this track. Clearly passionate, driven individuals who deserve a bigger platform. Really top class musicianship, especially from the drummer who maintained interest in the song throughout. The vocal style is bang on for this type of music – nicely driven sounding and without any unnecessary effects that would get in the way of our enjoyment of the overall sound. Again, this is a very commercial sounding as well as being the perfect length for  airplay at just over 3 minutes. 

If we were to search for something to critique it would be that there’s perhaps a couple of mastering adjustments that would give After Dark more depth and would bring it in line with more well known tracks of the same style. This song is minute steps away from being world class.

Constructive criticism aside, this is a cracking track that just oozes confidences and made us hit repeat several times. We’d love to hear more from these guys. Thanks Chasing August for the opportunity to review. Great work – we have absolutely no doubt that these guys have the potential to really reach for the stars.

We give this track 5 out of 5! Great job.